March 18, 2019

Chronic liver disease due to Hepatitis C patient from Indore treated by senior Gastroenterologist Dr Amol Patil

50 year old lady from Indore presented with blood vomiting .On endoscopic examination she was found to have Large esophageal varices.She underwent endoscopic variceal ligation at […]
March 18, 2019

A rare caseof sporadic hemiplegic migraine with Hereditary Angioedema Type II (C 1q deficiency) diagnosed by senior Gastroenterologist Dr Amit Bundiwal in Indore. Now presented with recurrent vomiting and blood in stool.

Young pt from indore diagnosed with sporadic hemiplegic migraine with Hereditary Angioedema type II on tab Danazol and NSAIDs Presented with recurrent vomiting for 2 months, […]
March 18, 2019

Sharp Foreign body (metal screw) removed from 4 year old kid endoscopically by Dr Amit Bundiwal senior Gastroenterologist, Indore.

A 4 year old boy from Indore incidentally ingested sharp metal screw. Foreign body removed under anesthesia in emergency in night.
March 11, 2019


GBL HOSPITAL- Advanced institute of Liver disease,Gastroenterology And Plastic Surgery. It is First and most Advanced centre of Indore and Madhya pradesh which is solely dedicated […]