Having breasts can be very embarrassing for a man. During puberty, hormonal changes take place in the body (unopposed female hormones or low levels of male hormone) due to which, breast tissue enlarges in some boys. This may disappear in many cases over time. But if it does not, the residual breast tissue and fat together form the male breast. This can very well be removed in an aesthetic manner with liposuction only using certain special instruments. This is termed GYNECOMASTIA or “KEY HOLE MALE BREAST SURGERY”. The scars are minimal and fade in time. This is a day care surgery and one can return to work in a couple of days. The results are permanent. Swelling in the operated area takes about three weeks to settle down.A pressure garment is to be worn for 3 weeks after the Gynecomastia procedure to support the skin during the healing period.


Traditional method of treating male breast entailed making a big cut below the nipple area and cutting off the breast tissue only. Although this would improve appearance, results would fall short of an aesthetic ideal as it would leave a scar.Often, there would be an area of shallowness surrounded by fat deposits (saucer deformity) after the Gynecomastia surgery is done.This can be corrected surgically, but it is better to avoid such a problem by selecting a more sensible option. Liposuction not only removes the breast tissue, it can remove the excess fat deposits on the chest at the same time and achieve a normal desirable contour.