Experienced doctors delivering advanced-level care in hepatology within GBL Gastroenterology. Liver disease is very common in the community due to the high prevalence of obesity-related liver disease, ongoing high rates of alcohol consumption, and the modern epidemic of hepatitis C. Indeed the rate of liver cancer is increasing faster than any other cancer in central India.

In addition to expert care, hepatologists within Gastroenterology participate in research in liver disease including antiviral agents for hepatitis C that will revolutionize care of this disease. We work closely with our surgical colleagues, particularly about the optimal treatment of liver cancer. New and emerging non-invasive strategies to determine the extent and severity of liver disease without the need for liver biopsy are also available to patients attending the practice.

At GBL Hospital, our hepatologists are renowned for their expertise in managing liver diseases such as hepatitis, fatty liver disease, liver cirrhosis, and liver cancer. Utilizing advanced diagnostic tools and evidence-based treatments, we strive to achieve the best possible outcomes for our patients.

What sets us apart is our commitment to patient-centric care. We prioritize clear communication, thorough evaluation, and compassionate support throughout your treatment journey. Whether you require routine liver screenings, management of chronic liver conditions, or guidance on liver health maintenance, our hepatologists are here to provide expert guidance and care.

GBL Hospital Indore offers a modern and comfortable environment where your well-being is our top priority. Trust in the expertise of our hepatologists to deliver the highest standard of Clinical Hepatology services. Contact us today to schedule your consultation and take proactive steps toward maintaining optimal liver health with the best hepatologists in Indore.