Cancer surgeon

March 11, 2019

Sigmoid Colon Cancer patient from Bhopal treated at GBL hospital,Indore by Dr Vineet Gautam

A 48 year old patient from Bhopal,having Sigmoid colon cancer, underwent surgery at GBL hospital, Indore by Gastro-onco surgeon/Abdominal Cancer surgeon Dr Vineet Gautam. Patient tolerated […]
March 11, 2019

Pancreas Cancer patient from Jabalpur treated by Dr Vineet Gautam, Gastro-Onco surgeon from Indore

A 67 year old male had Pancreas Cancer, underwent stunting for Jaundice at Nagpur. He admitted at GBL hospital,Indore for Whipple operation. Successful Surgery done by […]
March 7, 2018

Oesophageal perforation operation done on patient from Indore

72 year old female ,had pain in throat and difficulty in swallowing,underwent UGI endoscopy and had oesophageal perforation. Patient admitted under Dr Vineet Gautam and operated […]
November 15, 2017

Left Hemicolectomy for Large intestine cancer/Left colon Cancer

A 72 year female from Khargone presented with complain of pain abdomen, abdominal distension, vomitting and bleeding in stool. On Colonoscopy and CT scan, large cancer […]